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Autostar Germany is registered under the HnD Auto Spare Parts LLC. We are a group of companies dealing in auto parts and related products such as Automotive Battery, Auto Glass, & Auto workshops.

We do wholesale as well as retail. We have multiple retail stores present in the United Arab Emirates. Currently, we are manufacturing auto parts for Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche & Land Rover. Autostar Germany has a catalog of more than 15000 part numbers.

We already have a vast network of export around the Globe. Also, we are seeking more opportunities to extend our business as a brand. Our experienced team always looks forward to matching our brand’s standards and providing our customers with the best quality.


We are always transparent to our customers to give the best possible service and satisfaction

Quality & Value

ISO Certified 9001: 2015, We do value your money by providing you the OEM quality auto parts


Our parts are manufactured with the best technology and under the supervision of professionals

OEM Quality Parts For Your Car

Autostar Germany matches the OEM quality. Good quality spare parts are essential for your vehicle’s life and yours.

Auto spares are used to maintain the vehicle and keep it in good condition. It can be bought from a garage or an online store. These auto spares are vital because they are necessary for regular maintenance, as they ensure that the car is working correctly at all times.

The quality of these spare parts is also important because if they break easily, the maintenance costs will escalate. It is essential to buy them from an established company with a good reputation, as this ensures that they will last longer and won’t break easily

Over 20 Years Experience

We handle all makes and models of European Cars. And specialize in Mercedes Benz, BMW, Land Rover & Audi car brands
We have maintained the International Quality Standard
We have a wide range of Auto Spare Parts more than 15000 part numbers.

Quality Manufacturing Excellence

As Auto spare parts manufacturing specialists, we manufacture parts with quality. Our Cooling parts are one the best quality present in the market. We always try to provide auto parts at a price that customers can understand the claim's value.

Accreditation & Certifications

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified under Quality Management System.

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